Co-Created and Designed
by an Olympic Triathlete.

Community Involvement

Co-designed by Met Yurtcu, an avid boater and open water swim enthusiast, and Sharon Donnelly, Olympian and triathlon coach. Both had a need for a highly visible water resistant, inflatable bag that could be tied to the waist for unencumbered swimming while providing both storage for personal items and floatation if needed. With the help of design and patent engineer Nick Sherstyuk, the myFloat bag was developed and launched in 2013. We hope that more people can get out on the water with greater confidence and security with the myFloat bag. Even though we are based in Ottawa, Canada, we have sent our bags around the world!

Questions regarding our change in name from "iFloat" to "myFloat.": Due to excessive competition for the name beginning with "i" we felt it best to commit to a name that we could easily promote and sell internationally. With some additional pictograms that describe the function and many uses of the bag, the functionality of the bag remains the same!